Oklahoma is Worth It...

I believe in the people of Oklahoma. We deserve a U.S. Senator who endeavors to do all that is legally possible to make the state of Oklahoma the best it can be and provide all citizens with the opportunities we need to succeed.

This is our state. Let’s make it a place of destination for growth, opportunities and people who are looking for a “Great Place to Live”.

We Deserve Better Energy Policies.

Our energy policies affect everything from the cars that we drive to the electricity that powers our homes. America demands an energy policy that provides this country with national security, economic security, and energy independence from imported oil.

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Public Education needs an Overhaul.

Our country was built on the notion of public education and its promise as the path to success. Though hard work and initiative have always played roles in individual success, for many, the most critical piece to level the playing field remains education.

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We Deserve a More Vibrant Economy.

Opportunity and economic security will flow from a new forward-thinking American industrial policy that encourages the private sector to create and restore jobs here instead of outsourcing them overseas. Our Storied American icons like Levi's jeans, Converse All Stars, Craftsmen tools, IBM, ThinkPad (now a brand) and so many more have left our shores taking the jobs with them.

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Why Vote for Me

As your U.S. Senator, it would be my honor and duty to represent you and the state of Oklahoma to the best of my ability. We deserve a more vibrant economy, jobs, a better educational system, better safer neighborhoods, increased business opportunities,....

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Change and Transparency are more than just words. For them to work, you have to vote and hold your Senator accountable.

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1Political campaigns require money to effectively compete with the partisan special interests that currently infect our democratic process. I am committed to being a voice for all the people of our state. I will faithfully address the problems... Click below.

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3 Democracy demands active voter participation by informed citizens to properly work. Voting is an essential privilege granted or withheld at state government discretion. Registering to vote is required by the state in order to exercise your voting privilege. Click below.

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4We want your feedback. We want to get a better understanding of what you consider to be the issues that affect you the most. My job as your elected employee is to find and implement a solution to the issues.  We would like to hear from you.

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